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Important: Reading Diary B needs to be filled in every time you read a new article.

What Will Astronauts Need to Survive the Dangerous Journey to Mars? --> (TEST)

Your Pandemic Tech Habits --> (TEST)

America used to be behind on digital payments. Not any more --> (TEST)

The Financial Crisis the World Forgot --> (TEST)

Vaccine Diplomacy in Central Asia: Russia vs. China 

--> (TEST)


Charlemagne Learning to love the c-word --> (TEST)

Nobody Knows Why Syria Matters -->  (TEST)

How Can Less Powerful European States Enhance Their Relations With India --> (TEST)

Introducing Diplomacy in the Digital Age --> (TEST)

What Do Chinese People Think of Developed Countries 2021 Edition --> (TEST)

How Crying on TikTok Sells Books --> (TEST)

What Jane Austen can Teach us about Resilience 

--> (TEST)

How Texting Makes Stress Worse --> (TEST)

How To Motivate Students Online What Works And What Doesn’t --> (TEST)

Climate Change and Environmental Degradation Undermine the Rights of Every Child --> (TEST)

Plastic Bags, or Paper Here’s What to Consider When You Hit the Grocery Store --> (TEST)

Hooked on Our Smartphones --> (TEST)

The Evolutionary Advantage of Having Eyebrows 

--> (TEST)

Watch your ums and uhs, spoken communication is about more than words --> (TEST)

Can You Really Turn a Hobby Into a Career --> (TEST)

The Best (and the Worst) that Could Happen to Your Money This Year --> (TEST)

Wakey Wakey! Lifehacks to Become a Morning Person

--> (TEST)

What Does Home Mean to Us Not the Same Thing It Did Before the Pandemic --> (TEST)

The Country with a 'Fifth Season' --> (TEST)

Where is the Outback --> (TEST)

Higher Education and Race Relations in Brazil --> (TEST)

The Future of Education - Technology, Experimentation, and Virtual Worlds --> (TEST)

Charlie Chaplin’s Letter to His Daughter --> (TEST)

'You've Got to Find What You Love,' Jobs Says --> (TEST)

In Japanese tsundoku means “to let reading materials pile up in one’s home and never read them”

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