Welcome to Step 1 of your reading adventure!

This part of the platform is designed to help you improve your reading skills. By its end, you will have become a better reader, grown aware of the reading process and more skillful in synthesizing information and applying it to tasks. To achieve this goal, refer yourself to the  sections provided in the sequence below. But first complete this quick test to check your current reading skills to attest your progress in a couple of weeks.

Section 1


Here we will learn how to read faster and how to remember foreign words more efficienty. For greater effectiveness, read the information and complete the exercises of these two blocks. 


How to read faster


How to empower vocabulary

Section 2


The aim of this section is to help you become a better reader. It plays feasible once reading attentively the information and completing the exercises enclosed in these posts.

In the development of these sections, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to Prof. Katrin Saks and Prof. Elina Pjatnova (University of Tartu).

Read 20 minutes per day and you

will read 1 800 000 words per year