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By now, you have already discovered some reading empowerment hints, taken the English level test and received our letter with your test result. In case if you missed the test, please consult the previous section. It will help you make sure the selected material corresponds to your language level. 

At this stage, you would need to answer several questions of your Reading Diary A. The diary will support your reading progress, provide the opportunity for self-reflection and encourage accountability. This all works well for the development and enhancement of self-regulated reading skills in the near future.


Important: Reading Diary A is required to be filled in just once.

Now when completed,  you are welcome to choose what you are more interested in reading. Please be mindful that at this point in time the plaform offers articles only. They are more appealing as they are shorter, dynamic and offer a larger choice of topics renewed on weekly basis.

Just imagine, 42% of graduates never read  a book after graduating from college

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