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The reasons for the latter fact vary. This chart presents the ones identified by the students of Southern Federal University in Russia, who participated in an anonymous survey organized by our team some time ago.

Given the survey outcomes, the platform brings all the key factors affecting reading progress and motivation under one umbrella and sets the aim to engage, support and inspire the readers to read more and hereby enhance their language proficiency with a particular focus on strengthening and further advancement of their self-regulated reading skills.


Reading accompanies us since early age - we read to learn, we read for pleasure and/or out of curiosity. The benefits of reading simply go beyond our physical and mental health. It is also not a secret that reading is one of the best ways to learn a language. Still many language learners overlook this fact or quit half way.


"Readvise is a good choice for those who like to read and want to improve their reading and language skills. The tailored approach and guidance offered by the platform together with the continuously updated reading list and discussion opportunities  will turn your reading experience into an enjoyable journey."

    - Anait Akopyan

    Readvise Founder

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